Software Testing Professional, by profession and by choice.

I am an experienced, passionate & skilled Software Testing Professional with 12 years of experience in Software Testing and Quality. I’m a strong advocate of the context-driven testing approach and apply it in my testing, continuously learning and improving my skill set by applying the skills, concepts & ideas driven by the approach. As a hands-on Software Test Lead and Manager, I am actively involved in the testing efforts of all the projects I’m involved with. I have tested different types of software applications with different testing missions and my specialties include testing web, mobile, insurance, financial and SOA based software applications. I have extensive understanding and experience in leading software test projects and test team, test planning and implementation, testing focused on information objectives, developing test strategies based on testing mission, test creation & execution, risk analysis and risk management, QA & Test process improvement, and test reporting to communicate valuable information about the quality of the software tested for project stakeholders to make informed decisions about the software. I’ve worked over 7 years with different agile software development methodologies, including Agile SCRUM.

I am also an organizer for Montreal Insights Into Software Testing – a Software Testing peer conference & workshop being held in Montreal, Canada. http://www.moiist.org

Proud Member of the Association for Software Testing.

AST BBST Foundations Graduate.

I’m a skilled, thinking Software Tester, driven by context. I believe that Software Testing is a skilled craft which incorporates thinking, discovery, exploration, investigation and learning. I align my testing approach based on the information needs of my stakeholders and the for the particular project and test effort I have been asked to provide testing services to, and use that information to define my testing mission.

I am an advocate and believer of:

  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Team building
  • Information & knowledge sharing
  • Ethical behavior
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Learning
  • Providing value
  • Honesty

The views expressed on this website are my views and may not reflect those of my employer.