My Recent Visit to a SQDG event in Calgary

I was recently in Calgary for a work related kick-off project.  Each day was filled with work related activities and each evening I found myself exploring the city with a great team member (also a Software Tester) of mine.  During my final evening in Calgary, I was able to attend the SQDG’s event on May 14.

I met one or two Software Testers whom I had previously met and was able to catch up and chat with them. I also met a lot of new, interested, and passionate Testers from Calgary. It was great being around these types of testers, great conversations, and awesome energy filled the location we gathered at.  From what I understand, the format for this particular event, titled Speed Geeking was slightly different than the format of most SQDG events.

We spent the first 30 minutes or so chatting amongst ourselves in an open, non-formal manner. I was introduced to many new faces, had some great conversations about testing and met some great individuals from PQA.  We then split into different groups (randomly assembled) and brainstormed our ideas and answers to a series of questions. We were free to move from one group to another for different questions which bought forth different views and perspectives and helped kick-off different types of discussions, different answers and people’s reasoning for them, often based on their own personal experiences.

I found it to be a good, fun, and engaging atmosphere to talk testing with Software Testers and those involved with the craft in some form.  If I am ever in Calgary at the same time as an another SQDG event, I’ll be sure to attend again.

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