Jan 31

TestBashNY – 99 Second Talks

I had the opportunity to attend TestBashNY in early November 2015. I learned a lot, had a chance to catch up with old testing friends, and made some new ones. I also gave a 99 second talk!

Presenting in front of an audience is nothing new as I’ve regularly present, hold trainings and workshops at work, and present at MOIIST workshops, but this is the first time I’ve spoken in front of this many people at the Gramercy Theatre in New York.

I knew that one of the challenges in giving a 99 second talk was making sure I clearly delivered my message. When you’re prepared and have a message to deliver – those 99 seconds go quick! I took some time to prepare my points and to figure out how I was going to deliver my message that morning. I tweaked certain points of my talk throughout the day and then gave my 99 second talk.

Mark Tomlinson was awesome throughout the entire process, with the support, encouragement, and making sure was able to catch my flight back home by having me be the second presenter (I didn’t want to go first). I had to leave right after I gave my talk to make sure I was able to catch my flight back home.

You can see my talk and all the others below – I am the second presenter.

99 Second Talks at TestBashNY