Nov 28

Montreal Insights Into Software Testing

I’ve been working with Rob Sabourin (whom I consider a friend, mentor, and a great mind in Software Engineering) and Stephanie R. to organize a Software Testing peer conference and workshop called MOIIST (which stands for MOntreal Insights Into Software Testing) in Montreal, Canada.  We’ve been working together and collaborating since early this year – in person over lunches, via phone, and Skype. This will be the first MOIIST peer conference & workshop and this year’s them is Collaboration.  More information can be found on the MOIIST website.

There will be presenters from Montreal as well as presenters from out of town.  I’ve seen the accepted submissions and the collaboration topics look interesting. I’m looking forward to all of the presentations especially those that caught my attention because I am interested in learning more about those specific topics and the presenter’s experience report about it.

I am looking forward to the presentations, the questions, the learning, all the testing discussions & conversations, meeting passionate like-minded software testing professionals and everything else that comes with a conference with passionate, intelligent software testers!  MOIIST will be held in January – it will likely be cold, there will likely be snow, there will likely be a windchill factor making it even more cold. Good thing we’ll have the option of plenty of great food choices to keep us warm!  Oh yes – I will be presenting as well.

Stay tuned for more.